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Health & Medicine

Library Resources

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Health and Wellness Resource Center
Access to carefully compiled and trusted medical reference materials. Includes nearly 400 health/medical journals, numerous reference titles, over 700 health videos from partner Healthology, Inc., and hundreds of pamphlets and health-related articles from 2,200 general interest publications. The material contained in this database is intended for informational purposes only.

Health Reference Center Academic
Use to find articles on: Fitness, Pregnancy, Medicine, Nutrition, Diseases, Public Health, Occupational Health & Safety, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, HMOs, Prescription Drugs, etc. The material contained in this database is intended for informational purposes only.

Nursing and Allied Health Collection Resource Center
All aspects of the Nursing profession from direct patient care to health care administration are covered in this collection. Including nearly 400 titles, this collection’s current and authoritative content will be of use to both professionals already working in the field as well as students pursuing a nursing-focused curriculum.

Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Collection
includes over 100 titles covering the fields of physical therapy and sports medicine, providing researchers with access to topics discussed in the field, including proven treatment techniques, experimental research theses, and many more.

Suggested Websites

Health, Wellness, & Health Services

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Learn about health and safety topics.

Consumer Health Information Available in Many Languages
List of health websites available in dozens of languages.

Merck Manual Consumer Version
Find basic and detailed information on health concerns, a drug-interaction checker, a pill identifier, and a guide to pronunciation of medical terms.
Information on health topics and health services near you.

Hospital Compare
Compare hospitals near you.

Kids Health
Health and wellness information for kids, teens, and parents.

Massachusetts Board of Registration: Find a Physician

Massachusetts State Health Resources

Health encyclopedia, videos, and tools from the U.S. Library of Medicine.

Physician Compare
Compare local physicians.

Tox Town
Information about environmental health concerns and toxic chemicals near you.

Health Information for Seniors and Caregivers

Eldercare Locator
Find services for seniors and caregivers.

Health in Aging
Health and wellness information from the American Geriatric Society.

Home Health Compare
Compare home health care services near you.

Nursing Home Compare
Compare nursing homes near you.

Senior Health
Articles about senior health topics from the National Institute of Health.