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Social Studies

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Library Databases

Biography in Context Tutorial [PDF] Video Tutorial 1 Video Tutorial 2
Biographies and articles about modern and historical figures.

Global Issues in Context Tutorial [PDF] Video Tutorial Part 1 Video Tutorial Part 2
News, articles, and statistics about current events and topics.

U.S. History in Context Tutorial [PDF] Video Tutorials
Articles, images, audio, and video about U.S. history topics.

World History in Context
Articles, images, audio, and video about world history topics.

Suggested Websites

NYPL Best of the Web: History & Social Sciences

Town of Natick Websites

Town of Natick Website

Information about Natick
From State of Massachusetts website

Massachusetts Websites

State of Massachusetts Website

Massachusetts Executive Branch

Massachusetts Judicial Branch

Massachusetts State Senators & Representatives

Massachusetts Cities and Towns

Federal Government Websites

U.S. Senate

U.S. Congress

United States Government for Teens

White House

Government Websites: International

BBC Country Profiles

The CIA World Factbook
Information and statistics about the world’s countries.

Country Fact Sheets
From US Department of State

World Leaders
From the CIA